APRIL 2019

Greetings, classmates!

Class of 1956 Mini-Reunion at The Chautauqua Institution, August 10-16, 2019


         Dear ’56-ers,

Due to technical difficulties with sending a recent e-blast (i.e., an email from the Alumnae Office to the entire class, with hard copy to those who do

not use email) I am including the contents of the e-blast (which did reach some but not all ’56 email users) along with the eleventh (!) issue of

Scarlet Letters.  Apologies to all who have received multiple versions.  To ensure that you receive future Class of ’56 emailings, please add this

to your online “Contacts”:  Note the underscore between “email” and “watch”.


Perhaps, like me, you’ve had Chautauqua on your bucket list.  Or maybe you’ve only heard of it, aware that it’s a historical site for

summer-time intellectually-oriented vacations in the far western region of New York State.  Well, last summer, several members of the classes of

’55 and ’56 spent a week there, doing their own thing and also getting together for impromptu meals, cocktails, and strolls.  Some came for part of the

week; some were accompanied by spouses or other companions.  Anne Sinnott Moore and Maya McGrath Pearcy were so delighted with the

experience that they volunteered to manage a 2019 reprise.


Chautauqua is organized into themed “weeks”.  Our week is titled “Shifting Global Power”.  Days are filled with lectures, and evenings include concerts

and other performances, such as (during our mini) The Paul Taylor and Pilobolus dance groups.


It’s time now to make your arrangements, since lodging options are limited.  Explore the Chautauqua website ( or call 800-821-1881 for

printed materials. 


Costs (room, board, travel) and the challenge of the journey to Chautauqua will vary.  I can tell you that a week-long “Gate Pass” covering most but

not all activities will cost $489 if you buy it before May 31st, $539 thereafter.


If you think you might participate, or if you’ve already made arrangements to be there, please let Annsie Svensson McAdams, Anne Sinnott Moore,

or Maya McGrath Pearcy know.  Aside from Chautauqua’s website and brochures, our best resources for information are each other.

            Annsie:; 607-257-0044

            Anne:; 603-998-6484

            Maya:; 812-267-9187

And you may also want to get in touch with classmates who were at last summer’s Chautauqua:  Maggie Daniel Russell, Jane Kentnor Dean,

Ethel Larrabee-Illman, Cecily Parke Sesler, Mike Reese Horn, Cynthia Stevens, Ellie Zurn Hutt.

            Maggie: 781-729-8128

            Jane:; 203-521-2429

            Ethel:; 805-680-1991

            Cecily: 814-864-6229

            Mike:; 440-338-3498

            Cynthia:; 607-748-9792

            Ellie:  202-808-2884


Sally        (; 617-455-8339)