Greetings, classmates!

August 2018

Dear ’56-ers,

Here is the ninth quarterly issue of our astonishing literary journal, Scarlet Letters.   I can’t imagine a more effective way of nourishing the bond we share as Wellesley alumnae.  Much admiration and great thanks go to Claudia, Sheila, Jane and all the authors and artists.

As you’ll see, this Scarlet Letters, includes information on the recent mini-reunion at Chautauqua as well as future minis, both face-to-face and virtual.  There are even specific dates along with the topic of next summer’s very appealing Chautauqua mini.  And how about the concept of virtual minis!  I look forward to having email or phone chats with classmates I think of fondly but with whom I haven’t managed to stay in touch.


Keeping up one way or another is something we all value, and consequently, when the Wellesley Magazine arrives, we turn first to the Class Notes section.  However, we seem to be reticent about reporting our own news, perhaps feeling that it’s not awfully positive or not particularly interesting.   But of course we welcome each other’s thoughts on whatever life happens to be bringing to us.  For instance, there’s a topic that I think is timely and could provide worthwhile information to classmates:  down-sizing and/or moving to some sort of retirement community.   If you’ve already experienced this, tell us about your new situation.  If you’ve decided to “age in place”, how is that working out?  Barbara Gelder Kelley and Sherry Scott Putney would be grateful for your words, and so would the rest of us – whatever the subject.


Happily, the September 2018 Scarlet Letters is reaching us through “snail mail”.  Because there have been computer glitches with e-mailed versions, we’ll try to keep delivering hard copy, though we may well need to ask for financial support.  More about that as the year progresses. 


All good wishes,