Greetings, classmates! 

March 2018



Dear ’56-ers,

Here we are with the seventh Scarlet Letters! I read it with awe, delight, gratitude, and – as always -- a warm sense of relating to each contributor. Sometimes I can almost hear the voice of an author whom I know, other times I feel a connection to someone whose name is familiar but whose face I don’t recall at all. So . . . a toast to Scarlet Letters and all who make it happen! Speaking of making it happen, one key element is the form in which we receive it: email or snail mail. Snail mail is preferred, since paper copies surely reach just about every member of the class. However, the ’56 treasury is quite modest, limiting us to a mix of those two modes of distribution. Hence, the next issue of Scarlet Letters (No. 8) will arrive via email. It will be comfortably viewable on your screen and will print out well. Those ’56-ers on our list of non-email-users will receive their copy via the U.S. Postal Service. Please tell me (or the Alumnae Office) if you have a new email or street address.

Hearty thanks to those who have already offered to host a Fall 2018 mini-reunion in their locale. Call or email Annsie Svensson McAdams if you’re considering. The face-to-face minis will be held during a two-week “window”, Sunday, October 1 through Saturday, November 3, and can be small-scale – e.g. a couple of ’56- ers at your place for a cup of tea -- or as large as you wish. Also, Annsie is assembling a committee to facilitate virtual minis, i.e. get-togethers by phone or computer screen, and would welcome your joining the planners. This new form of reunion is ideal for the many of us whose travel is limited. If you’re thinking of participating in the July 14-21 Chautauqua mini, contact Jane Kentnor Dean.

I am so pleased that you are accessing the ’56 website.  As you know, it’s rich with information, news and photos, including information on the Chautauqua mini, and now a Story Corps production of a conversation between lifelong friends and former room mates Maud Hazeltine Chaplin and Ann Rockefeller Roberts. It’s a “must hear”!

All good wishes,