Between August 11th and 18th, a group of enthusiastic classmates will be spending an exciting weekend at Chautaqua, NY.    Attending will be Maya McGrath Pearcy, Jane Kentnor Dean, Sally Blumberg Linden, Annsie Svensson McAdams, Ethel Larrabee, Cecily Parke Sesler, Mike Reese Horn, Olwen Beach Busch, Mimi Gorn Tausner, Terry Larson Scheetz, Mary Sayres Winants, Ellie Zurn Hutt, Jo Kris Powell DS, Anne Sinnott Moore, plus a few husbands/significant others and possibly one or two who are still undecided.  In addition to many exciting workshops and artistic events, the group will share cocktail hours and meals and interact with members of the class of '55 who have been attending for a number of years.

If you are intereted in attending, please contact:

Anne Sinnot Moore  or   Maya Mcgrath Pearcy