Munger ’56 in Arizona



Munger ’56 is proud of its long unbroken record of mini reunions, usually held somewhere in the Boston/New Hampshire area at the end of the summer.  Last September as we were together on the patio of the College Club on campus, someone piped up and said “I think next year we should all go to Arizona”, and so we did!


Not all, unfortunately, as distance, family commitments, and travel challenges made it too difficult for many of us.  But six hardy classmates and two husbands gathered in Tubac, Arizona, during the first week of April.  From New Hampshire, Anne Sockol Segal and Pam Denny Blackford (with John);  from Florida, Olwen Beach Busch; from California, Ethel Larrabee; and from Nebraska, Lannie Burritt McNichols (with Larry).  The Tubac Golf Resort has comfortable rooms along with all the amenities of a four-star resort.  Our headquarters was the home of Anne Sinnott Moore, especially her sunny patio shaded by a giant mesquite tree, with views of two mountain ranges, where we enjoyed lengthy breakfasts and cocktail hours.


Since Anne, Pam and Lannie all had arrived from snowstorms (and were to return to snowstorms), the principal activity was relaxing in the warm air and talking.  We did an excursion to the Tumacacori Mission and spice factory on Wednesday, and were joined at lunch by Pam’s cousins who live in Tubac.  Larry has friends in Green Valley, north of Tubac, who “took him off our hands” for a day during which we sent John off to the hotel pool, leaving us free to share news of our lives since we last were together, a custom we call The Circle, closed to anyone else but us.  The village of Tubac has enough attractions to last many days, and we toured the Presidio State Park and its museum, and the Tubac Centre of the Arts.  Anne played tour guide to a few of her favorite shops in the village, along with restaurants for lunch and dinner. 


All too soon, Friday morning arrived along with checkouts and an SUV to the Tucson airport.  All agreed that this mini was

a super departure from the norm, and a welcome respite from the lingering winter weather in most parts of the country. 

But most important was being together again.