cruzvergara.do_-1050x1573COLLEGE TO CAREER INITIATIVE**

Christine Yip Cruzvergara to serve as  Executive Director

 A new chapter for Wellesley’s career services opened  in January 2016 with the arrival of Christine Yip Cruzvergara on campus.

Cruzvergara, who will serve as executive director and associate provost for career education, has the task of developing the vision for the new College to Career (C2C) initiative. The program will aim to “reimagine how women are introduced to a world of opportunity during their four years and over the course of their lives,” President H. Kim Bottomly said in announcing Cruzvergara’s appointment. C2C will actively engage the alumnae network and will be supported by the transformational gift of $50 million from two alumnae late last year.

Cruzvergara comes to Wellesley from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., where she was assistant dean and executive director of University Career Services, a 20-person department serving 34,000 students. She has also held positions in career services and student life at Georgetown, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland.

As associate provost, Cruzvergara will be a senior member of the College administration, a strong draw for her. “Wellesley is one of the first institutions to move career services into the president’s cabinet,” Cruzvergara says. “That repositioning speaks volumes to prospective students and parents, to current students, to employers, and to our colleagues in higher education.” She also was engaged by “the culture and confidence of the student population.”

Cruzvergara sees career education built around connections and communities—“bringing people together and working collectively … to [create] programs that illuminate the unique strengths of Wellesley and help to prepare and lead Wellesley women into the world so they can contribute their talents to making a difference.” In her first year of reorganization, she plans a comprehensive listening tour—students and alumnae, employers, faculty, trustees, and more—to parse out key themes that will help shape the vision, mission, approach, and organizational structure of the nascent C2C program.


**On a phone call on November 3rd, 2016, for Durant and Legacy Givers, Christine outlined the goals of this program as well as progress that has been made since January 2016. The goal is to assure students a team of advisors from the minute they become students until their retirement, advisors who will assist them in choosing a career, making the most of their talents in that career in their lives after Wellesley, making career changes if necessary, and eventually planning for retirement.  In addition to working with students and alumnae, C2C will reach out to market Wellesley's reputation in those fields of business, industry, health care and education where the marjority of students will be seeking employment. She noted that 80-85% of students eventually obtain advanced degrees.

Last September, the Career Center provided assistence to 300 students/alums while this September the number was 940. Last September, 300 positions were posted for students/alums, while this September that number rose to 1500. Christine explained that C2C will be reaching out to current alumnae for  a variety of support both informational and financial. She is in awe of the high level of both faculty and alumnae involvment and commitment to the college.