CORINNE WHITAKER (CORKY GORDON)… the most recent accolades


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Between May 17th and August 23rd 2015 The Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, CA displayed Corinne’s work “No Rules” prior to its display in the CA Senate Chamber until Scorrineeptember 2016.  “No Rules” was chosen to represent District 13 in the California Contemporary Art Show in Sacramento, a biennial show of multi-disciplines reflecting California’s rich diversity and culture.

Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for over thirty years as one of the pioneering artists in the fields of digital imaging and digital sculpture. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over 80 solo and 260 group exhibitions, including a large solo exhibit entitled “Corinne Whitaker dot Uncom” at the San Bernardino County Museum. Her work has been published in over 100 magazines, books, catalogs, media and newspapers, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Corrine’s work ranges from unique digital painting on aluminum to 3D printed sculpture in high-tech polymer hand-painted in 22 karat gold leaf. In 1994 she created the "Digital Giraffe," a monthly online art journal where she edits, publishes, programs and designs.

A recent  endeavor, her 13th book of digital paintings and poetry, "Shady Lady", takes you on a journey through hope and disappointment, over the heights and down

through the dark valleys of shattered expectations. It is dedicated to you, to myself, and to all of us who dream.

See it by going to: and take look at the first book on the list, SHADY LADY

See Corrine's latest  accomplishment (July 2016) by clicking on this link:

"Choosing from nearly 550 digitally-created works, entered from 35 countries globally, our International Selectors’ Committee has

selected the 55 works that form the 2016 Lumen Prize Long List. Announced at London’s Electronic Visualisation and the

Arts Conference on July 13th, these works will now be reviewed by our Jury Panel to determine the Shortlist - who will form

the 2016/17 Global Tour - and the winners."

Congratulations, "Corky!!!"

And hot off the press, Corinne's newest book:  



This is the book I never thought I’d write, and certainly not publish.

Until now. Although it is written in the first person, it is dedicated to all of

you who have ever felt marginalized, somehow wanting.

Because you’re not.     And I wanted to tell you that.


                The most recent recognition of Corinne's talent is the highlighting of her work on the cover page of

The National Juried Exhibition of Digital Art being held between March 18 and April 15, 2017

at the school of Visual Arts in New York City.